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WokeFemmes is a brand seeking societal progression and justice for disenfranchised peoples.
In addition to becoming a charitable fashion brand, WokeFemmes has created an NFT collection of 5,000 programmatically-generated Omnichain NFTs, each composed of a unique combination of eleven hand-drawn traits. Many traits within the collection touch upon social justice issues and critique modern-day society‘s still-standing inequalities. WokeFemmes donates 10% of all profits in perpetuity to charities supporting the planet and disenfranchised groups around the world.
Movements supported by WokeFemmes
Racial Equality Intersectional Feminism LGBTQI+ Rights Pro-Choice Climate Justice Redistribution of Wealth Legalize Marijuana


Anyone with a WokeFemme NFT in their wallet is entitled to a FemmePasse as long as they hold the NFT. FemmePasse privileges are transferred with sale of the NFT.

Special pricing

Anyone holding a WokeFemme NFT in their wallet is entitled to a 20% discount on all NFT drops and items in the WokeFemmes Shoppe.

Governance Power

WokeFemmes has partnered with NFTier to allow FemmePasse holders voting power on the NFTier platform. Vote on collections to feature, new platform functionality, and more.

NFTier Advanced Analytics

Holders of a WokeFemme NFT will get access to advanced analytics on the NFTier platform and see trends in live trades of NFTs in one aggregated view.

Rarity-based privilege

The top 4% of ranked WokeFemmes will have access to our first exclusive drop in the Perk Shop.

Trait Breakdown

The WokeFemmes Collection is truly unique, with over 300 vibrant traits and over 2.7 trillion possible combinations.

Rotating femme traits

Facial Features

Including 18 skin tones, 9 eyebrows in 9 colors, 13 eyes in 12 eye colors, 15 lips, 9 lip colors, 18 makeup styles in 15 colors, and 11 facial features in 9 colors.


Including 21 hairstyles and 15 hair colors

Accessories, Jewelry, and Clothing

Including: 13 Hats in 13 colors, 12 Glasses in 14 colors, 15 pieces of jewelry in 15 colors, and 26 clothing pieces in 14 colors.


Including 22 backgrounds in over 15 colors

24 Signature WokeFemmes

Each of the signature WokeFemmes is hand-crafted by the artist, several focusing on modern-day social justice issues.


Where can I purchase WokeFemmes NFTs?

WokeFemmes NFTs will be available to mint firsthand on the NFTier site. You will also be able to purchase WokeFemmes NFTs on secondary marketplaces such as Zuse, OpenSea, and Campfire.

How can I calculate my WokeFemmes NFT‘s rarity?

We have an exclusive rarity partnership with NFTier. Please visit the NFTier WokeFemmes page for rarity scores and ranks.

Do I own the rights to my WokeFemme?

Rights to your WokeFemme NFT are reserved exclusively for you, granting you full access to actualize the art. Our Shoppe will also have tool that allows you to print your NFT on customizable items.

I have another question…

If you have any further questions, please DM us on Twitter or get in touch on Discord.